Author: Melissa OMara

A visit to Heaven & Earth Works – Birth Angels

Good Shopping, and Good Reading, if you’re into angels and figuring out your life purpose! On our way to Boston to visit our great friends and allies at Dana Farber and Brigham and Women’s, we stopped in to finally meet Terah Cox, author of the book on angels (which I kept talking about on our Caringbridge website Well, we did not call ahead, so we just browsed the shop instead. I let Terah know (by phone) that we would love to be able to place on-line orders, because her work is so inspiring! Check out her website for a peak, but know that her framed poetry, greeting cards, etc… look even better in her shop. Very high quality. Terry’s book, Birth Angels, really helped me to shift my thinking further toward how life calls us forth. Regardless of our personal religious beliefs, this book asserts that we all have birth angels or energies corresponding to our specific birthdate and time. The angels “reigning” at our birth have special gifts for us. We can call on them for support, and we can embody their strengths in our lives, as we reach out to others. So this fit nicely into my “angels in the outfield (and infield)” message… we all get to “be angels” for each other. This is what we experienced during our 20 month (so far!) walk thru...

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Welcome – Bigger Game, Life Calling

Well, since we all had so much fun blogging on our Caringbridge site this last year (, I decided to give this a try in “bloggerland”! In a busy world, it is sometimes hard to “sync up” in person, or even on the phone. One cool thing about blogging is that I get to do it when I have a free minute, and you get to view it and respond (if you so choose) at your leisure! So we don’t have to make an appointment, but we can really spend some quality time “together” if we choose. Dan and I continue on the O’Marathon, which is all about getting Dan back to full health and happiness! We will continue to post semi-frequent updates on the Caringbridge site. As you all know, the O’Marathon was pretty much a full-time job for quite awhile. It’s becoming a part-time job now, and I will be heading back to IBM in a couple weeks (part-time). And I will be pursuing some other really cool stuff, which I want to share with anyone interested in that part of the journey! This is the spot for sharing my new “Bigger Game”, and for getting your input, and for having you “walk with me”, if you so desire! And I HOPE that you do, and that we’ll all learn a lot along the way. About this...

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