A child is born
christened “Promise”
because she is

From labor to “WOW”
a mother rejoices
and gives Promise to the world

A village with loving hearts
afire with passion
will nurture the child

All new – raising Promise
hope and responsibility
shared by many
for she is special
(as all children are)

A Promise for our future
for what’s possible
when passion aligns with purpose
Bigger than us all
Growing us all
Connecting us all

She’s safe with us
The world watches and waits
for the first smile

Dedication: Charter members of the Green Sigma Coalition

Tuesday in San Francisco, the world got just a little better, in my humble opinion. The vibration lifted, in a room of competitors aligned around a compelling purpose – to accelerate the move toward enterprise sustainability… I had the supreme honor of helping birth the Green Sigma Coalition. She now belongs to all of us. Delivering Promise, Delivering on the Promise.