are you actively working to transform it?

Last month I decided to actively hang a coaching shingle to broaden my impact beyond IBM, where I am very “activated” 32+ hours per week. Immediately, a client and I “found” each other, and I started working with a local brain researcher and his team this week on an amazing compelling purpose – to cure or “fix” emotional brain disorders. And so I decided it was time to get serious, and actually “hang a shingle” on the internet, an invitation to potential clients that might just see themselves as “aspiring world changers”, or “conscious capitalists”, or “social entrepreneurs”, or healers or researchers committed to making this world a better place.

I will absolutely not compete with IBM, or provide services that IBM offers to our clients – my main focus is coaching and catalyzing change by partnering with social entrepreneurs – “bigger game” coaching.

So, a toast to my newest “bigger game” – i3activate, a place of inspiration, innovation, and impact. Feel free to knock, if you are so compelled…

And have an inspired, innovative, and impactful day.