Hmmm… today was an emotional day for me, and I don’t think it was entirely hormonal. I am in a weird place, feeling like I’m moving back into a comfort zone with my great IBM coaching and competencies team. At the sametime, I am feeling something else, and I can’t quite name it yet. Maybe this writing will help me.

I feel torn? Is that the word? Trying it out – I feel torn between moving full-speed ahead into the next climb (for me, starting my own business), and going back to IBM part-time. I am also feeling nervous about what it will take out of me, and my family, to try to do both. And to do both well. I want to make this a win win, two steps forward on the same path, somehow. I don’t like this image of being torn!!!

Well, I’m off tomorrow for a few days on the road with some wonderful IBMers, so we’ll see where my head is after that.

In the meantime, suggestions anyone!??