Companies Giving Green an Office – New York Times

Very interesting sign of change – and focus. Here’s a small excerpt from this article:

The corporate roster of “chiefs” used to be pretty short: chief executive, chief financial officer and, maybe, chief operating officer. Then came the chief marketing and technology officers.

Now, the so-called C-Level Suite is swelling again — this time, with chief sustainability officers. These are not simply environmental watchdogs, there to keep operations safe and regulators at bay. The new environmental chiefs are helping companies profit from the push to go green.
“Environmental vice presidents usually spend company money, but this new breed is helping companies make money,” said Eileen Claussen, president of the Pew Center on Global Climate Change

…………”The evolution was probably inevitable. Corporations are facing demands from all quarters to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and to buy and produce green products. So, many chief executives are urging their managers to “figure out what products they should sell in a warming world,” said Jonathan Lash, president of the World Resources Institute.

Still, few corporate chiefs want to micromanage the changes. That means they are appointing environmental surrogates to do it for them.

Read the article, which quotes Sustainability execs from many companies – Dow, Dupont, GE, GM, Owens-Corning, Home Depot, and Hilton Hotels…

This is getting very real folks. What is happening in your company? How can you be part of it? It’s time to get smart about getting green, and it’s time to get into action.