Companies press Bush, Congress on climate: reports –

More evidence that corporate leaders are conscious about the challenging realities of climate change, AND that they are willing to take a stand. Kudos to Alcoa Inc., General Electric Co., DuPont Co., Duke Energy Corp, Caterpillar, PG&E, the FPL Group, PNM Resources, BP and Lehman Brothers, who have formed the United States Climate Action Partnership.

If you are still a “Doubting Thomas”, I ask you to examine your motives for this position, and also to look more closely at the science. If you have refused to see “An Inconvenient Truth” because you don’t like Al Gore’s politics, I ask you to open your mind a bit. I have had very close friends say to me “I won’t watch that movie – no way.” As Al Gore states in the film “This is not a political issue, this is a moral issue.” If you love your children, you owe it to them to swallow your pride, or whatever is getting in the way, and get educated. Look at the funding sources and credentials of the scientists that are confirming the issue, vs. those that are denying that humans are causing the current warming trend. And if you work for one of the companies that is “in denial” or funding fear, uncertainty and doubt, work internally to create change. Individuals most come together into groups and take a stand for our planet, and future generations. If not you, who?

Luckily, I believe that the tipping point is fast approaching, if not already here. Our favorite waitress at the local breakfast place heard Dan and I discussing global warming today, and she piped right up “You’ve got to see that movie!”. She thought the beginning was “kind of boring”, but that we definitely have a problem, and we all need to do something about it. I was thrilled! I shared with her that we have changed all of our lightbulbs, we replaced our worst windows, we source our electricity from renewable sources, and we are planning to replace our vehicles with hybrids. And I continue to try to create awareness with anyone who will listen.

We will continue to look for ways to do more. I am considering buying carbon credits to offset my air travel. I am supporting an IBM Thinkplace idea that is asking IBM to consider bidding “net-zero carbon impact” projects. I am working with my sales organization to identify clients with whom we can partner to drive “green” innovation.

And what about you? One by one, we can use our ingenuity and our passion to pave the way to a much brighter future (brighter, but not warmer!). Hey, we put a man on the moon – we can do this!