Going Green is Red Hot

This is not news to me – but it is music to my ears! Can you say Tipping Point?

What is not stated here is how incredible important and urgent this really is. I encourage each of us to assess our own impact, and the potential force for change that we individually and collectively can become.

If you are a purchasing agent, how will you ensure that your suppliers, the shipping process, the packaging, the disposal of packaging are “green”? How can you begin to make them “greener”? Who do you need as allies inside your company? Outside of your company? Now is the time to take stock and take action.

If you are a teacher, or a school administrator, or a parent, what can you do to make your school “green”?

How green is your workplace? Your home?

Everyone has a role to play, and frankly, this is one of those unique opportunities to be a leader in a huge, global shift. The opportunity is there to “do well by doing good”.