Measuring GHG Emissions Up and Down the Supply Chain World Resources Institute A “must read” and a “must follow” for all that are interested in the accurate calculation and communication of a product’s “carbon footprint” or “carbon intensity” or “environmental impact”. Many of us are trying to purchase more socially responsible products these days, but struggling a bit to understand which products are truly “better” from an environmental perspective.

The more complex the product, the more challenging the question, and the less likely (today) you are to be able to make a truly informed choice – based on verifiable facts, or at least trusted resources. From my perspective, this initiative is sorely needed in order to enable much better decision making, both for buyers who want to make informed purchases, but perhaps even more importantly, for companies committed to lowering their overall environmental impact – particularly in terms of the life cycle (cradle to grave, or cradle to cradle) impact of the products that they manufacture.

We are on a journey here, the very early stages of a long journey. This initiative will drive great learning and hopefully create tools and standards that will help us all to navigate with more precision, and hopefully, with a bit more speed!