– Article – Building the Green Supply Chain

Great article on green supply chain, with real examples. It seems to me that innovation starts with one or two people and a compelling idea. It doesn’t necessarily take phDs – but it does take persistence, and hard work.

Viewing this as a cultural change in important, and cultural change takes time. Cultural change also takes a compelling trigger(s), like an awakening concern about the realities of climate change, or water shortages. We have plenty of triggers coming at us now – should we pause long enough to look, and listen and synthesize what is happening in the world around us. In today’s rushed corporate environment, ripe with pressures and deadlines, people often lack “think time”. This leads to an unconscious but potentially deadly complacency. In order to trigger cultural change, we will need to “wake up” our colleagues to the trigger events, and help them to pause long enough to connect the dots.

Al Gore and the IPCC have done much to help us with this task, as have the countless magazines with green issues, including HBR. There is an undeniable amplification and acceleration happening in the marketplace. And not a moment too soon!